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ESPAÑA: (+34) 911 669 092
PORTUGAL: (+351) 914172060
COLOMBIA: (+57) 310 543 3266
USA: (+1) 740 272 7649
BRASIL: (+55) (85) 3232 9022
ECUADOR: (+593) 2 3332735

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B.E.A.R. has put together a team of highly skilled, international experienced professionals combining international business knowledge with forensic psycho-physiological investigation techniques. B.E.A.R. has solved many company related issues. Most of the times B.E.A.R. was called to solve very specific problems within companies, like embezzlement, selection, document fraud, harassment etc.. 

We felt however that companies were only fighting symptoms of bigger problems and needed help to understand the full scope of the loss.  Certain fraudulent behavior exists because internal company system allows it and policies need to be put into place to hinder it in the future. 
Based on this experience B.E.A.R. has set up the B.E.A.R. BUSINESS FORENSICS service to become a trusted partner to companies, helping them design and implement loss control, loss recovery and loss prevention programs. B.E.A.R. will take care of the complete process so that our client can feel confident that his assets are managed with trust and skills.


B.E.A.R. BUSINESS FORENSICS is a group of professionals guided by integrity and honesty. We know better than anyone how difficult an investigation can be. Therefore it is so important for B.E.A.R. to count on trusted professionals that can handle the pressure of their jobs and understand how important confidentiality is.

We find it very important to feel comfortable with the work we do and deliver and know that in the long run you will respect us for these same values mentioned before rather than for the money saved with us.


We are fortunate to count with highly qualified staff. People joined us or we have learnt to discover through the years and experience.”Passion” is the number 1 characteristic we look for in people that work in B.E.A.R. or we use in our investigations.

Our staff is formed by professionals that combine business and investigation or forensic skills and are citizens of different countries and with different cultural backgrounds. 


B.E.A.R. is present in different countries. Our main markets are South America and Europe, although we have performed investigations and training in other continents. 
It is important to understand that our Business Forensics service does not depend on a geographic location and most of our investigations require intense travel, since most of the time they include operations in different countries.

To do this, most of our “Men of Trust” are proficient in different languages and most of them have lived and worked in different countries and cultures.

B.E.A.R. is an independent partner that has no ties with any political party, government or any other ideological entity. We just try to do the right thing for our client but will not fabricate evidence that does not exist. We will exhaust all the investigative options if needed and try to find out if something is wrong within an organization or company but will remain independent in our findings, even if it is not what our client expected. It is important for our client to understand this very important point to us.
This is the best way to obtain the respect of the people we investigate and make sure that we are being fair to all the parties involved.

We are real independent partners trusted for our fair judgment and professional skills. The perfect solution for small and medium sized companies that lack a control unit in the company but would like to apply periodical controls to the different subsidiaries or vendors they have. Large companies and corporations also use us to investigate cross national fraud or problems when in need for an independent outside professional partner.

Feel free to contact us for more information.
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