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B.E.A.R. BUSINESS FORENSICS is based on a variety of investigation solutions that combine business with professional investigation.

Our business experience is based on professionals proficient in different languages with international experience and in different industries.
Our investigators are professionals with many years of experience in investigation, criminal and civil, with masters in forensic sciences, relying on modern forensic science to sustain their investigations.

At B.E.A.R. BUSINESS FORENSICS we assign a "Man of trust" to every case, responsible for the complete investigation process, knowing the exact needs of our client and coordinating the entire investigation process. These are highly skilled professionals, trusted and confidential partners to our clients that know how to work in the shadow but also great public communicators. A high integrity level can be expected from a B.E.A.R. BUSINESS FORENSICS "Man of trust" and any professional working with B.E.A.R.

B.E.A.R. BUSINESS FORENSICS SOLUTIONS can be divided in 3 parts:


One of the greatest reasons for fraud, sabotage, corruption, embezzlement, etc. happens in companies with a lack of control programs. Although many large companies have audit and control programs in place, it is understandable that small and medium-sized companies do not. The main reason small and medium sized companies do not have such programs is due to the cost of having a team dedicated to such a task. 
B.E.A.R. BUSINESS FORENSICS offers the perfect solution for small and medium sized companies, shareholders or business owners. They now can afford to outsource this task to an outside company, not having to support salaries and additional infrastructure, so that companies can dedicate their time to their core business. 
B.E.A.R. BUSINESS FORENSICS has a proven track of executing random control programs for companies that have demonstrated their efficiency and effectiveness.

Having and communicating company policies is another important aspect to prevent fraud within an organization. Everybody within the company should be aware of what behavior is expected. This should be implemented right at the selection of new employees.
The selection process also plays a vital role in keeping the wrong behavior character out of the company, so implementing an advanced selection process will definitely prevent future company loss and minimize risks promoting an active integrity policy. 

To summarize some of the preventive solutions offered by B.E.A.R. BUSINESS FORENSICS:
  • Random audit & controls
  • Selection interviews, resume verification and background checks
  • Monitoring interviews for company employees
  • Writing company rules, laws, regulations and code of ethics and training
  • Integrity training


Although companies seem to have a hard time surviving an increasing competitive market, often unexpected threats come from within the company. Occupational fraud is a reality and with the economic development due to globalization it seems to only been increasing.
Companies are confronted with unpleasant situations which they do not know how to handle since it does not make part of their core activities. So, how should a company handle a procurement manager that has been bribed or a manager that before leaving for the competitor took the latest intelligence on this new product which was in the pipeline?
Or imagine a company been robbed with high suspicions of an inside job with third part participation.

Unfortunately, police, or other authorities do not always follow up on company losses due to lack of time, resources or any other reason. The company consequently can have a hard time claiming the loss due to a lack of evidence against the perpetrator or a fraudulent claim. Sometimes also the company, shareholder, or business owner does not want to involve authorities until they have more evidence to confirm their suspicion.

Companies, shareholders, business owners need a trusted outside partner that they can turn to in moments like these. They need to know that this partner understands their problem, the ramification of it, is able to design an investigation to gather the needed information or evidence and capable of implementing the different actions to get it done, anywhere and at any time.

To summarize some of the reaction solutions offered by B.E.A.R. BUSINESS FORENSICS:

  • Forensic interviews with, managers, employees, vendors, etc.
  • Specific issues testing
  • Assets recovery
  • Document verification
  • Hidden asset recovery of off shore accounts
  • Computer Data Recovery
  • Insurance fraud
  • Industrial Espionage/Reduction of Theft and Shrinkage
  • Debugging
  • White Collar Crime
  • Internal Investigations
  • Scene documentation 
  • Forensic Evidence Collection and Analysis
  • Finger Print comparison and collection


B.E.A.R. experienced an increasing need for the implementation of different prevention programs and fraud detection activities. That is why we set up the B.E.A.R. INSTITUTE branch to help companies implement and train their employees in fraud detection, company policies implementation and integrity training.

It is important for your company to understand that the wrongful behavior of some can have a devastating impact on the company and thus on the rest of the employees.

Some of the solutions offered by B.E.A.R. INSTITUTE:

  • The formulation of the company code of ethics, laws and regulations
  • Implementation of fraud detection programs
  • How to promote integrity in the company

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