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Modern companies and corporations are operating in an increasing difficult environment. Globalization, technological evolution, non linear economic growth and strategic power shifts demand a faster adaptation than many companies can handle. Unfortunately, this expansion of company staff, assets and stakes has not always been accompanied by a core company ethics culture and control programs, making it difficult for the headquarters to monitor the activities of local subsidiaries. This is especially true for companies that are recent actors on the international playfield, finding it tough to deal with local idiosyncrasies’ and high level management integrity.
Moreover, an increasing pressure for profits, contributes to reckless behavior by many CEO and other managers putting the mere existence of the company in danger and thus the shareholders’ assets.
Although getting rid of a dishonest lower level employee is not necessarily a big problem for companies, due to internal control systems proving misbehavior and the economic value involved, identifying, proving and handling the exit and transition of high level management can become a difficult task and cost millions, sometimes even leading to the closing of the subsidiary or even the company.
Even though companies have internal control programs to prevent and detect misbehavior, different aspects can complicate this labor. Internal power struggles, politics, emotional issues, power abuse or misbehavior by the controller can obstruct successful controlling and auditing. Repeatedly, however, the problem is not active misbehavior by management, but the lack of productivity, management evading its real tasks and objectives, concentrating on control rather than business expansion.

Companies use different tools to combat these issues. Like mentioned before and depending on their size they might have an internal audit and control service but do also subcontract external professionals for specific tasks. Private investigators, fraud examiners or experts in specific fields can be called to help solution specific tasks. These professionals however only deal with the symptoms and do not get involved with the source of the problem.

B.E.A.R. BUSINESS FORENSICS is a complete solution designed for shareholders, business owners or stakeholders that need a trusted independent partner to investigate, report and solve internal occupational fraud issues (The term “occupational fraud” may be defined as: “The use of one’s occupation for personal enrichment through the deliberate misuse or misapplication of the employing organization’s resources or assets.” ), be it locally, regionally or internationally. 
These issues can be of different nature but will mainly deal with behavior of management. Management fraud, financial statement fraud, corruption, embezzlement, sabotage, power abuse are just some of the areas B.E.A.R. BUSINESS FORENSICS can help you with. For a complete overview please visit our AREAS OF ACTIVITY.

Apart from the fact that B.E.A.R. BUSINESS FORENSICS is an external and independent partner, our staff is composed of highly experienced business professionals combining management and investigation skills, capable of understanding your business needs and gather the evidence needed to confirm a decision. Every case is different but our approach and solutions are geared towards the same objective: “RESULTS”, based on a solid investigation process, implemented by professionals using advanced investigation techniques and technology. 

For more information about B.E.A.R. BUSINESS FORENSICS service please visit the following links or contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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