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B.E.A.R. FORENSICS has developed different services based on its core business and skills: DETECTION of DECEPTION.

The area of Forensic Psychophysiology will give you an inside to the skills that a forensic psychophysiology professional (Polygraph Examiner), the instrument used and the techniques employed in order to detect deception.

Our international scope has shown to be an advantage for many of our business partners and private clients. Our geographical coverage, cultural and linguistic knowledge, legal system expertise and local partners in many countries, allow us to design, coordinate and supervise international investigations. Our solutions are particularly interesting for local investigators with need for cross-border investigation, or for multinationals wanting to solve their worldwide investigation problems without having to contact a multitude of investigators in a variety of countries. B.E.A.R. FORENSICS International Investigations solution might just be what you are looking for.

Although detection of deception remains our main service, B.E.A.R. FORENSICS has years diversified its solutions to better assist the investigation community through years of experience.

For the above reasons is why B.E.A.R. FORENSICS teaches Detection of Deception training courses to investigators, human resources managers, attorneys, judges and many other professionals with a need for these amazing skills.

Triggered by the demand of the investigative industry, B.E.A.R. FORENSICS is also supplying technological investigative solutions. This area of our consulting service is specfically designed for small and medium-sized agencies that will give you the resources and infrastructure needed to take full advantage of the most modern investigative tools.
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