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Polygraph is nowadays used by an array of institutions, independents, companies and even private people.

We can however classify the users of polygraph services in the following categories:

Law Enforcement Agencies

Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, State Law Enforcement Agencies, and Local Law Enforcement Agencies such as Police and Sheriff's Departments.

Legal Community

Attorney Offices, District Attorney Offices, Public Defender Offices, Defense Attorneys, Parole & Probation Departments.

Private Sector

Companies and Corporations under the restrictions and limitations of the Employee Polygraph Protection Act of 1988 (EPPA), Private investigators, Companies and corporations for specific issues.


In Europe there is no legislation on Polygraph and all tests are on a voluntary base. So, what do they use the polygraph for?

An important part of the use of polygraph is in selection procedures of employees (non EPPA regulated).

There is however a growing interest from treatment physicians to use the polygraph in the treatment of for example sex offenders.

Police and DA offices use the polygraph in their crime investigations and defense attorneys on the other side to defend their client.

Private detectives use polygraph in investigations but also to attend the truth needs of their clients and private companies to solve internal matters.




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