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The term "polygraph" literally means "many writings." The name refers to the way physiological activities are simultaneously recorded and is most known to the public due to its appearances in TV shows, series and movies.

Like most of public matters, almost everyone has an opinion about polygraph. Most of the popular views on polygraph are generated by show business, and unfortunately, does not always portray the real work of polygraph examiners.

Besides popular perception, there are also many critical professional opinions on polygraph. We at B.E.A.R. FORENSICS understand and many times agree with critical commentsabout our profession. We understand the full scope of polygraph, its possibilities and limitations. Polygraph examining is a human science and that is why it is important that it is used by appropriately trained person under the right circumstances.

Polygraph is nowadays used in an array of fields by prestigious institutions like the FBI, CIA, NSA, important police departments, judges, defense attorneys etc. for different matters. Visit the practical applications sections for more info about the Polygraph and its uses.

You can also find out more about the history, how it works, which instruments are used, its accessories and an outlay on studies done about polygraph accuracy.

The F.A.Q. on polygraph answers the most common questions about polygraph.
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